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  • Reviewed by Troy Marcial on 2/23/2014

    This place is a SCAM. The commit blatant FRAUD to get people in the door and get your information. Their promotions are lies and they are the definition of sleezebag old school money hustlers that don t care about anything but getting money out of your wallet. BUYER BEWARE

  • Reviewed by Stefanie on 6/1/2013

    WELL WORTH THE DRIVE FROM PENSACOLA!!! Fantastic, Friendly, Helpful Service from William Vinson at Eastern Shore Toyota!!! We got everything we wanted in our new car, and William helped us save a small fortune.

  • Reviewed by Georgia H on 6/1/2013

    Friendly service and extremely helpful! I was getting tires for my 4Runner and William Vinson came to the service department to make sure I was getting good service and that I was satisfied with my tire purchase. We will definitely buy another Toyota in the future and will request William as our salesman. I have already referred several people to him because he is knowledgeable and helpful and will work with you to get you a great deal on a vehicle.

  • Reviewed by Eleni on 5/30/2013

    I had an issue with one of the tires on my vehicle and William Vinson was wonderful in ensuring the service department repaired my tire and I was safely on my way. Great customer service!

  • Reviewed by shelly on 5/30/2013

    Brandon Alexander was a wonderful sales person, he saved me so much money and basically gave me a brand new Camry SE! (Which I love) if you are looking for the lowest price around out of any dealership on a new Camry, ask for Brandon Alexander!

  • Reviewed by Santino on 5/30/2013

    I recently purchased a Honda Ridgeline from Eastern shore Toyota at a great price! William Vision was my salesman and he was great, helpful, hospitable, and really funny! He made my first car buying experience easy and memorable. I will definitely be returning when I m on the market again!

  • Reviewed by MELVIN on 8/29/2012

    I would like to acknowledge the wonderful experience and customer service i received during my car shopping process from sales consultant Lindsey Riddick and JC Alboniga. They were both very friendly and honest. I would like to thank them for everything they have done to help me.

  • Reviewed by A Yahoo Local user on 7/23/2012

    this was the worst car buying experience i have ever had. we were told we had a lifetime power train warranty and after the sale we asked for info on warranty,we were told you do not have any warranty the car you purchased does not qualify. the sales person spent twenty minutes talking about how great it was and the deductable and so on . but we do not qualify. and the whole terrorist act that we told about is bs. even though we paid with a check they wanted my ssn and personal info. when i told them no i do not need financing i have a bank draft i was told this is to see if i am a terrorist.come on people not all customers are idiots. i would strongly suggest if you have to buy a car from there get everything on paper before anything is signed.

  • Reviewed by pinkstuff on 3/22/2012

    My Tundra is a yard ornament because of Eastern Shore Toyota. I brought it in because of a slight hesitation, they kept it for two months, gave it back with the wheel not tightened and it almost fell off while we were going down the highway. It shot off most of the studs. They towed it back to the dealership, fixed the wheel and said they fixed the hesitation. When we picked up the truck it was making a horrible squeaking noise so we turned around and brought it back to the dealership. They knew right off the bat that it was a bent driveshaft which wasn't bent when we brought it in. They will not accept responsibility. So now we have a truck that still has a hesitation, and now a bent driveshaft.

  • on 2/24/2012

    Worked with Stacey Conley and Carl Helm. Both very personable and knowledgable. They fought for me and helped me get what I wanted. They were very honest and not pushy like most salesmen.

  • Reviewed by Jamie on 2/24/2012

    Worked with Stacey Conley and Carl Helm. Both very personable and knowledgable. They fought for me and helped me get what I wanted. They were very honest and not pushy like most salesmen.

  • Reviewed by Kristina Lynn on 1/11/2012

    My husband and I just purchased a 2011 Toyota Tundra from eastern shore toyota and really enjoyed our salesman Stacey. He was very helpful and tried to get us what we wanted. If Stacey was not our saleman we would not have purchased this vehicle, because he was courteous at all times and continued to push our payments down where we needed them. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Stacey, because he is down to earth and sociable, not rude like others! He understood that we wanted a specific vehicle not just anything on the lot. Thank you Stacey!

  • Reviewed by Krys on 11/15/2011

    I have been looking for a newer car than what I had, so I got a flyer from eastern shore about a tent sale. Went to the tent sale where I meet Tyson Cawley, we found a vehicle that I liked, but the financing fell through. Tyson worked his hardest to get me in a car that I could afford that was newer and still under warrenty. He found me a 2010 corolla with ease. Tyson made this car buying experience worth all the initial hassel. He was very friendly and upfront about everything. I would deffinitly recommend anyone to work with Tyson and I just hope he is still there when we go to buy another car.

  • Reviewed by A Yahoo Local user on 10/28/2011

  • Reviewed by Angelique on 10/11/2011

    Love my 2008 Sequoia. It seemed a little big at first, now I've discovered it's just that all other cars are too small. I just can't say enough good things about this SUV. Perfect for my family of four and when I decide to put eight people on board, everyone has plenty of room. It pulls my 22ft Sea Hunt boat perfect...I don't even notice it is on there. The service department was a little rough around the edges at first, then I realized if you pick a service manager and really introduce yourself to them you get a lot better service. If you have an issue and it escalates to Roger McCombs, He will personally take care you. He even gave me his cell phone number.

  • Reviewed by Connie on 9/26/2011

    Last Friday we purchased a new Camry from Eastern Shore Toyota. We have several Toyotas in our family and 3 in our immediate family. We had the easiest experience we've EVER had buying a car there. Our salesperson, Lindsey, was absolutely great!!! She knew exactly what we wanted, and it was hassle-free. This is our first time to buy from Eastern Shore, but it definately won't be our last. I usually hate buying a new car because it usually takes half a day and it's just such a hassle. But this was great, and we love our new car. I intend to contact Lindsey and ask her to mail me some business cards so I can hand them out to friends and co-workers. She has a great personality!!!

  • Reviewed by A Yahoo Local user on 9/26/2011

    I recently bought a Scion TC from Eastern Shore Toyota. I was in need of a new car but was nervous about my first car buying experience. My salesperson, Lindsey Riddick, was absolutely wonderful and made the whole process a breeze. Everthing went as I wanted it to. I will definitely be buying another car from Eastern Shore Toyota in the future!

  • Reviewed by Amy D on 9/6/2011

    I bought 2 vehicles (2011 Rav4 & 2011 Tacoma) in the last 6 months from Reilly Chunn and had an excellent experience both times. He worked with us and was the most friendly sales person that I've ever worked with. I also sent my parents in to purchase their first Rav4! They haven't had any issues and enjoyed working with Reilly. My husband and I have like the convenience coming to Eastern Shore Toyota. for both of our vehicles.

  • Reviewed by AaronJ on 9/5/2011

    I made the drive from Destin to Eastern Shore after stopping in at Quality Toyota in FWB and checking my prices there. The sales person at Eastern Short told me that the quote I recieved at Quality was all smoke and mirrors and offered me their '$5000 challange' I returned some hourse later with a sales order from Quality that made the Eastern Shores salesman poop himself. Needless to say they couldn't come close to the price. I still didnt leave with my $5000... they made quite the point to highlight that the model must be EXACTLY the same... guess paint color is a biggie. The staff was RUDE, condescending and, uninterested in doing business. I plan on doing business with the nice people at Quality from here on out. Do yourself a favor and do the same.

  • Reviewed by D on 9/5/2011

    Third vehicle I've bought from them and I'm absolutely tickled with it and the entire experience. As with anything in my life, I treat people friendly and fairly. Everyone needs to understand that you shouldn't and probably wouldn't be rude to someone helping you at Best Buy or WalMart when they're just trying to help you. So why be rude to these car salesmen? Be kind to the people in this business and it will get you very far. It took me 20 years to figure that out. You don't have to lie to them or be rude to them or get all in a tizzy to get a good deal! I'll never buy anywhere else but Eastern Shore Toyota and Hyundai.

  • Reviewed by Kelly on 8/24/2011

    Eastern Shore Toyota continues to exceed all of my expectations! We began thinking about purchasing a new car in early June......2 months later we have two new cars and are BEYOND satisfied with the customer service in EVERY department! Before working with Eastern Shore we ranked 'car shopping' at the same place as having a root canal. We braced ourselves for the 'back & forth' and games that we had previously encountered when making a car purchase. The anxiety was not warranted AT ALL. Our salesman and the entire staff were/have been incredibly helpful and are STILL available when we have questions. I would recommend Eastern Shore Toyota to ANYONE looking to purchase a new/used car. We won't be going anywhere else!

  • Reviewed by mammabelle on 7/6/2011

    This dealership is amazing! I bought a Toyota Camry last month and they had exactly what I was looking for. My sales guy was very nice and I got a pretty awesome deal on the car. The coolest part... they have a little cafe and gelato bar. I love ice cream so that made me pretty happy. I'll be back to Eastern Shore Toyota for sure.

  • Reviewed by jim on 6/20/2011

    Due to old age(17 years)my car concked out on me and i needed a new one ...the negoiations were fairly straightforward on the car price...very fair...but i had an accident on my driving record...causing my insurace quote to be far to high on the car....Shawn Hudson took control of the situation ..making several quick calls and reduced the insurance quote by almost half...many thanks to Shawn and sales pro Kubi for a rapid fire solution to my problem

  • Reviewed by Herman on 1/20/2011

    Very Poor Sales Department and Internet Sales.. Save your time and money and go anywhere but Eastern Shore Toyota!!!

  • Reviewed by A Yahoo Local user on 10/11/2009

    we had a great experience buying our truck there and so far, the service on the truck has been great. We are now looking to buy our next truck there.